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Número de Errores en Placas

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Los números que informan sobre los errores que ocurren en las placas de las computadoras, son considerados como dígitos a través de los cuales podemos saber con exactitud el problema que tienen estas placas.

A continuación los números de errores de placas más frecuentes:

CFh  :  Test CMOS R/W functionality.
C0h  :  Early chipset initialization:
- Disable shadow RAM
- Disable L2 cache (socket 7 or below)
- Program basic chipset registers
C1h  :  Detect memory
- Auto-detection of DRAM size, type and ECC.
- Auto-detection of L2 cache (socket 7 or below)
C3h  :  Expand compressed BIOS code to DRAM
C5h  :  Call chipset hook to copy BIOS back to E000 & F000 shadow RAM.
01h  :  Expand the Xgroup codes locating in physical address 1000:0
02h  :  Reserved
03h  :  Initial Superio_Early_Init switch.
04h  :  Reserved
05h  :  Blank out screen, Clear CMOS error flag
06h  :  Reserved
07h  :  Clear 8042 interface Initialize 8042 self-test
08h  :  Test special keyboard controller for Winbond 977 series Super I/O chips.
09h  :  Reserved
0Ah  :  Disable PS/2 mouse interface (optional).
0B-0Dh  :  Reserved
0Eh  :  Test F000h segment shadow to see whether it is R/W-able or not. If test fails, keep beeping the speaker.
0Fh  :  Reserved
10h  :  Auto detect flash type to load appropriate flash R/W codes into the run time area in.
F000 :  for ESCD & DMI support.
11h  :  Reserved
12h  :  Use walking 1’s algorithm to check out interface in CMOS circuitry. Also set real-time clock power status, and then check for override.
13h  :  Reserved
14h  :  Program chipset default values into chipset. Chipset default values are MODBINable by OEM customers.
15h  :  Reserved
16h  :  Initial Early_Init_Onboard_Generator switch.
17h  :  Reserved
18h  :  Detect CPU information including brand, SMI type (Cyrix or Intel) and CPU level (586 or686).
19-1Ah  :  Reserved
1Bh  :  Initial interrupts vector table. If no special specified, all H/W, interrupts are directed to SPURIOUS_INT_HDLR & S/W interrupts to URIOUS_soft_HDLR.
1Ch  :  Reserved
1Dh  :  Initial EARLY_PM_INIT switch.
1Eh  :  Reserved
1Fh  :  Load keyboard matrix (notebook platform)
20h  :  Reserved
21h  :  HPM initialization (notebook platform)
22h  :  Reserved
23h  :   Check validity of RTC value:e.g. a value of 5Ah is an invalid value for RTC minute.
24-26h  :  Reserved
27h  :  Initialize INT 09 buffer
28h  :  Reserved
29h  :  Program CPU internal MTRR (P6 & PII) for 0-640K memory address.
2A-2Ch  :  Reserved
2Dh  :  Initialize multi-language
2E-32h  :  Reserved
33h  :  Reset keyboard except Winbond 977 series Super I/O chips.
34-3Bh  :  Reserved
3Ch  :  Test 8254
3Dh  :  Reserved
3Eh  :  Test 8259 interrupt mask bits for channel 1.
3Fh  :  Reserved
40h  :  Test 8259 interrupt mask bits for channel 2.
41h  :  Reserved
42h  :  Reserved
43h  :  Test 8259 functionality.
44h  :  Reserved
45-46h  :  Reserved
47h  :  Initialize EISA slot
48h  :  Reserved
49h  :  Calculate total memory by testing the last double word of each 64K page.
4A-4Dh  :  Reserved
4Eh  :  Program MTRR of M1 CPU
4Fh  :  Reserved
50h  :  Initialize USB
51h  :  Reserved
52h  :  Test all memory (clear all extended memory to 0)
53-54h  :  Reserved
55h  :  Display number of processors (multi-processor platform)
56h  :  Reserved
57h  : Display PnP logo
58h  :  Reserved
59h  :  Initialize the combined Trend Anti-Virus code.
5Ah  :  Reserved
5Bh  :  (Optional Feature) Show message for entering AWDFLASH.EXE from FDD (optional)
5Ch  :  Reserved
5Dh  : Initialize Init_Onboard_Super_IO switch.
5E-5Fh  :  Reserved
60h  :  Okay to enter Setup utility; i.e. not until this POST stage can users enter the CMOS setup utility.
61-64h  :  Reserved
65h  :  Initialize PS/2 Mouse
66h  :  Reserved
67h  :  Prepare memory size information for function call: INT 15h ax=E820h
68h  :  Reserved
69h  :  Turn on L2 cache
6Ah  :  Reserved
6Bh  :  Program chipset registers according to items described in Setup & Auto-configuration table.
6Ch  :  Reserved
6Dh  :  Assign resources to all ISA PnP devices.
6Eh   : Reserved
6Fh   : Initialize floppy controller
70-72h  :  Reserved
73h  :  (Optional Feature) Enter AWDFLASH.EXE if 

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